The history of Torre del Nera




Schiaginum was an ancient hamlet built in around the 12th century as an outpost, a strategic and economic settlement in close proximity to the Duchy of Spoleto. The residential part of the hamlet “Capo la terra” first developed around the rock in the 13th century: today you can still admire the medieval castle’s structure in full, protected by triangular walls and a square watchtower.

Public administration, together with a few local businesses, gave rise to a virtuous conservation project, with the aim of preserving the artistic and architectonic richness of this location. Torre del Nera Scattered Hotel & Spa harmoniously blends in with the authentic atmosphere of the thriving hamlet which is still inhabited today, without compromising its ancient heritage.


"In life there are things to do and opportunities to seize "
Gabriele Giannattasio

It is a question of lifeblood and energy that multiplies and binds generation after generation of the Giannattasio family. From recent patents of a revolutionary industrial product, like the new additive containing graphene, to ecological tourism projects, through the knowledgeable restoration of the medieval past. Torre del Nera Scattered Hotel & Spa, a green dream in the heart of Umbria.

Let’s rewind to when Gabriele Giannattasio, a traveller and seasoned businessman, first envisioned a new lease of life for the hamlet of Scheggino. Torre del Nera Scattered Hotel & Spa, owned by the Giannattasio family, interacts with residents and visitors in a contemporary way, while preserving the tradition of this ancient hamlet. No two houses are the same: in a kaleidoscope of natural colours and perfumes, each describes the story and intuition of something that could only begin in Italy, inspired by the long-standing tradition of entrepreneurs.

It all started with Gabriele Giannattasio, since 1967 the founder and owner of Iterchimica, a leading company in the market of additives for asphalts, based in Bergamo. He first entered the tourism sector in the early Seventies, as the constructor of the first two hotels in Livigno; this was followed around a decade later by a “base camp” in a clearing of the Amazon, after flying over the forest at a low altitude to identify the right site. He still returns to the posadas of Los Roques: the continuation of a journey.

"Coming here means rediscovering yourself."

Scheggino was “discovered” around twenty years ago. “We came across it almost by chance, during a business trip. I remember the natural scenery was out of this world, a hamlet and local area that had fallen into neglect and depression and which, in my opinion, should have been and could be brought back to life. Today, for guests it is like a second home, and the surrounding landscape does the rest”.

The guiding philosophy of Gabriele Giannattasio inspired the hamlet’s rebirth. The place was rebuilt according to the principles of original sustainable architecture, designed for an Italian and international clientèle looking to get back in touch with a more authentic side of the land, without shunning all the latest hotelier trends, spa included.

“Coming here is not just about making the most of an ideal starting point for discovering the wonders of Umbria. It is about rediscovering yourself, becoming aware that a different life balance is possible. One without cars, where you can walk down cobbled streets. Torre del Nera Scattered Hotel & Spa is a place of the heart, somewhere to share with his three children, tasked with managing and developing the facility. Trusted workers, from the local area and familiar with its history, welcome guests and run the scattered hotel.

Is the plan for the future already set in stone? Perhaps another journey, a new adventure. Or, “tomorrow we may even decide we want to retire to the hamlet’s tower and turn our hand to working the fields by the river”.

The magic of Umbria

Rooms and apartments dotted around the streets of this ancient hamlet, for a unique stay, in timeless settings.